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  • Nepal Progressive Professors' Association
    Country: Nepal
    City / Suburb: Kathmandu
    Mission / brief description:

    Nepal Progressive Professors' Association (NPPA) is a thriving intellectual organization with a long history, centered around the hope and trust of professors with progressive leftist ideology in Nepal. Established as an adhoc committee in 1979, this Association got a formal recognition as a "progressive group" during its first assembly held in 1990.

    NPPA serves as a platform for organizing and mobilizing permanent, contractual, and temporary teachers and promoting their rights, employment, stability, personality development, intellectual advancement, and fostering genuine conduct. The Organisation stands a strong advocate for the establishment of quality education in universities, intellectual appointments, institutional development, monitoring achievements among students as a future-builder and prioritizing its work on publication, research, policy-making and implementation by creating platforms on multi-dimensional issues directly or indirectly related to education.

    Main activities: Popular education
    Type of organization: Association
    Scope: National