Organization Page

  • Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (OKUP)
    Country: Bangladesh
    City / Suburb: Dhaka
    Mission / brief description:

    OKUP is a community based migrant workers’ organization. Believing in that the unity of migrant workers enhances their empowerment and contributes to the protection of their rights and dignity, OKUP came up as a platform of returnee migrant workers in 2004.

    In OKUP, we operate on the principle of human rights first, gender justice, child protection, and non-discrimination.

    Our mission:

    To bring migrants’ voices and perspectives in the migration discourse, policy formulation and implementation of the migrant friendly laws

    Our mandates:

    promote informed migration by choice
    safeguard rights, wellbeing and justice of labour migrants as well as climate migrants and survivors
    espouse sustainable reintegration and livelihoods of returnees and climate induced youth and women
    bring the voice and the perspectives of migrants and climate induced communities by creating agency and empowerment
    promote evidence-based research and policy advocacy at different levels

    Main activities: Activism, Advocacy, Children, Climate, Climate action, Communication, Community development, Development aid, Diversity, Education, Employment, Environment, Environmentally sustainable, Equality, Feminism, Gender, Gender equity, Health, Legal, Migrant, Rights, Social, Social justice, Social movement, Social services, Volunteering, Wellbeing, Women
    Type of organization: NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), Not-For-Profit
    Scope: National
    Phone: +88001842773300