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  • buddhist Environmental Solidality
    Country: Korea, Republic of
    City / Suburb: Seoul
    Mission / brief description:

    The Buddhist Environmental Solidarity was founded on September 6, 2001, based on the Buddha's teaching of respect for life, and has been carrying out various activities for the natural environment and life-saving activities in Korea.

    The material growth and competition caused by human greed destroyed nature and the land, and in turn led to the destruction of the human mind.
    The Buddhist Environmental Solidarity seeks to practice making a society of killing humans and nature a society of life-saving with great force.

    Main activities: Academic, Activism, Advocacy, Animal welfare, Buen vivir, Campaigning, Circular economy, Climate action, Commons, Community development, Culture, Degrowth, Faith-based community, Governance, Movement organizing, Ownership structures, Peasant's farming, Recycling, Religion, Reuse, Sharing economy, Social economy, Transition Towns, Wellbeing
    Type of organization: NGO (Non Governmental Organisation), Not-For-Profit
    Scope: National
    Phone: 82-2-720-1654