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  • SOSEC Nepal
    Country: Nepal
    City / Suburb: Sanepa
    Mission / brief description:

    SOSEC Nepal is registered in DAO Dailekh with the registration No-59-054/055 on 27 Aug, 1997 within Organization Registration Act. 2034. Similarly, it is affiliated in Social Welfare Council with the affiliation No-6099-054/055 and registered in NGO Federation with Reg. No Dai-3-MDR- 054/55. SOSEC is also been registered in PAN with No 300965292.
    Vision: There will have been the construction of equitable society with the establishment of empowered organization to play effective & vital role in the integrated development of the community.
    Mission: To improve the educational, health, economic and Right aspect of the women, Dalit, Janajaties, Children and poor with the help of social mobilization and peoples' participation.
    Goal: To improve the educational, health and economic condition of the target groups by centralizing the social inclusion increasing and enhancing the institutional capacity of right holders.

    Main activities: Access to knowledge, Activism, Advocacy, Agricultural products, Agriculture services, Biodiversity, Campaigning, Children, Circular economy, Climate, Community development, Conservation, Construction, Disability, Ecological restoration, Education, Environment, Equal opportunity, Gender equity, Healthcare, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, LBGTQI+, Natural environment, Poverty, Renewable energy, Social Inclusion, Social justice, Training, Water, Women
    Type of organization: NGO (Non Governmental Organisation)
    Scope: National
    Phone: 089-410096/410187