Organization Page

    Country: India
    City / Suburb: DALLAS and BANGALORE
    Mission / brief description:

    Global Changemakers Network is a platform for systemic change
    Forge collaborative partnerships
    Cohesive communities
    Change agent
    platform for experts, thought leaders & conscientious earth stewards from all domains to Connect, Engage, Collaborate / Lead to manifest deep systemic changes critical to human & planetary evolution
    We focus on implementing equitable, inclusive & sustainable solutions that integrate latest technological advances to design, facilitate, deploy, recalibrate, & sustain systems & interventions that are integrated & interconnected holistically
    We engage, promote collaborate with other networks/entities that impact social, environmental & economic variables for the benefit of humanity & planet
    We design, facilitate, curate, & promote safe spaces for all to thrive while empowering communities as one sustainable planet while upholding dignity of life
    We assist companies, cities, communities, and nations to grow in a circular manner sustainably

    Main activities: Activism, Advocacy, Agriculture services, Agroecology, Agroextrativism, Alternative communication, Anti-racism, Arts, Banking, Biodiversity, Buen vivir, Business, Campaigning, Children, Circular economy, Climate action, Collaborative economy, Commerce, Communication, Community & collective spaces, Community development, Conservation, Craftmanship, Cultural inclusiveness, Cycling, Decent work, Decision making, Democracy, Development aid, Distribution, Diversity, Ecological restoration, Ecology, Education, Energy, Environmentally sustainable, Equal opportunity, Equality, Fair Trade, Fight against poverty, Finance, Food sovereignty, Free culture and knowledge, Gender equity, Global relations, Governance, Habitat, Healthcare, Herbal medicines, Heritage, Housing rights, Human rights, Indigenous peoples, Industry, Infrastructure, International cooperation, International diplomacy, Law, Legal, Local economy, Logistics, Management, Manufacturing, Markets, Materials, Migrant, Mining, Mobility, Movement organizing, Natural resources, Nature, Networks, Older people, Ownership structures, Permaculture, Philanthropy, Poverty, Professional, Public policies, public works, Recycling, Refugee, Research, Right to the City, Rights, Renewable energy, Science, Security, Sharing economy, Skills, Social and solidarity finances, Social care, Social economy, Social finance, Social justice, Social movement, Solidarity economy, Spiritual, Sports, Sustainable Development Goals, Systems, Technical activities, Tourism, Trade, Training, Transport, Water, Wellbeing, Women, Young People, Youth
    Type of organization: Social Enterprise
    Scope: International