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  • Asia Dalit Rights Forum
    Country: India
    City / Suburb: Delhi
    Mission / brief description:

    Asia Dalit Rights Forum (ADRF) is a platform of Dalits, and those working with Dalits in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka committed to the empowerment and emancipation of communities subjected to descent and work-based (caste-based) discrimination and violence (DWD&V). ADRF aims at addressing violations of the rights and entitlements of these communities, in particular their women and children, in the respective countries as well as worldwide. It focusses on supporting all the communities subjected to DWD&V and systemic discrimination in any part of the world in their noble aspirations and courageous struggles to establish an inclusive society that is marked by equity and equality, dignity and self-governance, justice and freedom. ADRF is committed to collaborating with all national, regional and international agencies- civil society organisations and human right agencies, UN bodies and state institutions.

    Main activities: Activism, Advocacy, Anti-racism, Campaigning, Community development, Decent work, Democracy, Equal opportunity, Equality, Fight against poverty, Gender, Human rights, Research, Rights, Social justice, Social movement, Sustainable Development Goals, Women, Youth
    Type of organization: NGO (Non Governmental Organisation)
    Scope: International
    Phone: 011 4566 8341

    Twitter- AsiaDalitRights